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Top Creativity Articles of the Week

How To Encourage Learning By Making “Smart Mistakes”


Avoiding mistakes is impossible. But what if we accept that risk is inevitable and focus on making smart mistakes instead?

Innovation Requires Both Ideas And Action

To be innovative, we need to be good at both idea generation and idea execution.

Is Your Business Drowning Your Creativity?

Creativity + Productivity = Success

What Children Can Teach Us About Creativity

When your creativity is getting low and you need to re-kindle the fire, children may have the solution to ignite that creative spark.

What Doesn’t Motivate Creativity Can Kill It

Business bloggers at Harvard Business Review discuss a variety of business topics including managing people, innovation, leadership, and more.

Using Improv to Innovate

Use improvisational skills to enhance brainstorming sessions.

13 Ways Companies Kill Creativity

Creativity is the driving force behind many new products, services, and companies around the world, creating solutions to age-old problems and offering new ways to live our daily lives. Yet despite the indispensable nature of innovation, many businesses don’t exactly foster creativity in the workplace, sometimes even actively working against it. Whether they realize it or not, there are many ways that businesses kill creativity on a daily basis, which isn’t just bad for those creative minds but also the organization as a whole.

Creativity Under Pressure: TEDx XavierU

The dynamics of creating under pressure, and how to build practices that make creative pros more effective every day.