Resumes, Interview Tips, etc.

Ask The Headhunter
The Insiders Edge on  Job Search and Hiring

Career City Interview Skills
Interview and Workplace Tips

CareerLab Letters
1,001 FREE cover letter examples and samples

Chicago Tribune
Check out the news and advice page. You will find resources for choosing a career, writing resumes and letters, interviewing, etc.

College Grad
The #1 Entry Level Job Site

Companies Online
a search engine for the people…by the people

Hoover’s offers proprietary business information through the Internet, data feeds, wireless devices, and co-branding agreements with other online services.

HotWired’s Interviewing for a Web Job
Some common sense advice to help you find your Internet related job.

Job Reviews
Info about companies, salaries, pay and job reviews from current and former employees

NetGuide Guide to Finding a Job
Many good links to other sites.

Rebecca Smith’s Resumes and Resources
e-Resumes provides free sample resumes, resume writing services, resume cover letters, help, tips and templates .

Riley Guide
A guide to the best the Internet has to offer for job search and career information

US Dept. of Labor
Huge source of information. Focuses on unemployed and welfare recipients.

What Color is Your Parachute Online
Good set of organized links.

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