Financing and Venture Captial

Business Finance
Free business finance search engine of over 4,000 sources for small business loans.

GE Small Business Finance
GE capital real estate

Insider Reports
Financing and credit resources.

Money Hunter
Money Hunt TV series.

Website Funding
Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

Business Incubators

Colorado based incubator that invests $5,000 per founder for a 5% share. The contacts and ideas you get are easily worth the 5%. There is a great video about the founders.

Y Combinator
Seed funding company on the East and West Coast of the US. Offers great contacts, VC introductions. Proven record of well performing companies. They invest $5,000 per founder plus $5,000. There average equity take is 6%.

London based incubator doing lots of work with Eastern European start ups.

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